Frank Nash Training Systems

  • Revenue Up
  • Revenue Per Visit
  • Cancellations

“I never realized how effective push alerts could be – until we were able to fill ALL the spots to our PAID boot camp with just a quick message. It’s such a powerful motivator for members and has proven to drive revenue to our targeted areas.”

Frank Nash

Gold's Gym Dutchess County

  • Retention Up
  • Attendence Up

"I can’t remember what we did before Netpulse… because now it’s all taken care of for us – and for our members. This platform truly unites the workout process, from check in – to workout summaries – to managing personal training and class schedules – our app frees up the staff to have more direct interaction with members.”

Kim Kenyon

Bodyplex Fitness

  • Attendence Up
  • Cancellations Down

“Through fitness challenges and group competitions we’ve really found a great way to motivate our members and keep them engaged. The friendly rivalries to burn more calories or log more miles has in turn driven our numbers at Bodyplex.”

Linda Shields

Best Fitness

  • Referrals Up
  • Membership Revenue Up

"We’ve seen a huge increase in “refer-a-friend” since launching our app. Since everyone is glued to their smartphones, it’s much easier for member to quickly invite their friends from our app. We’ve used the “deals” and “rewards” feature to incentivize this and are thrilled with the results!"

Dave Dos Santos

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