Seamless, one-stop integration for rewards

With Advanced Rewards, you get all the power of a best-in-class rewards program, built right into your Club Mobile App.

Rewards motivate members to make referrals, and take other desired actions such as participating in fitness challenges, logging workouts, setting goals and simply coming to the club.

Rewards programs have been proven over and over again in many industries, from airlines to retail, to be an effective way to build customer loyalty and retention.

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Member Rewards

Free Rewards

Included with the Base Mobile App, our Free Rewards program lets members earn points for engaging with the app: tracking exercise, setting fitness goals, connecting a wearable, etc.

In the Free Rewards program, we offer members digital discount coupons as prizes (e.g. $20 off for new running shoes at Foot Locker). As a result, the Free Rewards program has no cost to the club operator.

To get the full benefits of Rewards, upgrade to the full version (details above).

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Best Fitness

  • Referrals Up
  • Membership Revenue Up

"We’ve seen a huge increase in “refer-a-friend” since launching our app. Since everyone is glued to their smartphones, it’s much easier for member to quickly invite their friends from our app. We’ve used the “deals” and “rewards” feature to incentivize this and are thrilled with the results!"

Dave Dos Santos