Member Referrals

Gain More Prospects,
Through Your Members

Word of mouth is growing or shrinking your business right now, as you read this.

What if your members could invite their friends to check out the club for free, and be rewarded for it? Now they can.

With Referrals in the Standard App, members can refer their friends by entering their contact details and prospects will receive an email to come and try the club.

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Advanced Referrals


Leverage your members’ contacts to supercharge referrals

Take Referrals to the next level by accessing members’ contacts directly. Members only have to tap a friend in their contact book within their smartphone, making it even easier and faster to send referrals.

Prospects will be notified by either text and/or email to try the club, or even a link to download the club’s app and get a free guest pass. All referrals made will be automatically captured in the CRM and clubs are provided dashboards to track the most effective referrers.

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Best Fitness

  • Referrals Up
  • Membership Revenue Up

"We’ve seen a huge increase in “refer-a-friend” since launching our app. Since everyone is glued to their smartphones, it’s much easier for member to quickly invite their friends from our app. We’ve used the “deals” and “rewards” feature to incentivize this and are thrilled with the results!"

Dave Dos Santos