Fitness Challenges

Improve Member Retention With Friendly Competition

When your members hit their fitness goals, so does your club. When your members are successful, so are you. Challenges are a fun and easy way to help members fully take advantage of what your club has to offer.
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When Members Win, Clubs Win

Say club attendance is down this month. With a Club Mobile App, we can create a challenge for our members… to attend five group fitness classes this month. For many members, a small nudge like this is all it takes to get them into the club.

Here are some examples of Member Challenges that clubs ran last year.

  • Burn 8000 calories through the end of the month
  • Lose 30 pounds in 60 days
  • Attend the club 15 times this month

When your members are successful, your club is successful.

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$450 Membership Saved
from keeping 1 member engaged with a challenge

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Learn how to better engage your members with our Ultimate Guide to Fitness Challenges

This exclusive guide for club operators will show you how to create and track fitness challenges that engage members and keep them coming back for more.

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