Guest Pass

Guest Pass


Guide prospects to try your club hassle-free

A mobile Guest Pass gives prospects flexibility for when and how they try the club. Prospects can download the app anytime, get a temporary barcode and check-in as if they were a member.

Convert prospects to members quicker than ever

With Guest Pass, prospects can try your club and seamlessly sign-up with their smartphone. It is a hassle-free experience and doesn’t require messy paperwork.

While they’re enjoying their Guest Pass, they will continue to receive automatic push alerts and be nurtured along the sales process.

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Best Fitness

  • Referrals Up
  • Membership Revenue Up

"We’ve seen a huge increase in “refer-a-friend” since launching our app. Since everyone is glued to their smartphones, it’s much easier for member to quickly invite their friends from our app. We’ve used the “deals” and “rewards” feature to incentivize this and are thrilled with the results!"

Dave Dos Santos