Your Club Membership: Now Including "Personal Motivator"

Engagement isn’t about good customer service or attention to detail… it’s about helping your members achieve their fitness goals. Your members won’t churn if working out at your club makes them feel good about themselves.
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Happy Members Don’t Switch Clubs

So what can you do? Netpulse gives your members the tools they need to be successful. Members are much more likely to accomplish their fitness goals if they’ve taken the time to write them down.

Here are goals that customers of Retro Fitness entered into their custom-branded app by Netpulse:

  • Run a 5-k race
  • 1.5x bodyweight barbell bench press
  • 7-minute mile sprints

When your members are successful, your club is successful.

Netpulse Case Study

$450 Membership Saved
from keeping 1 member engaged with a challenge

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