Easy Billing

Is Paying Your Club Harder Than It Has To Be?

Your club’s custom-branded mobile app can store member payment details. The next time a member goes to claim a promotion or deal, all they have to do is tap “Confirm.”
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Easier Payment Means Members Buy More
Less Hassle

Save members from having to pull out their checkbook every time you ask them for money.

Safe And Secure

Your app makes sure this information is safe so your member data is never at risk. Credit card and payment details are secured with 256bit encryption, the industry security standard.

Saved payment details always increases sales in e-commerce, because it reduces the friction of that last step: here’s how much it costs, now enter your credit card details.

See The Results

Frank Nash Training Systems

  • Revenue Up
  • Revenue Per Visit
  • Cancellations

“I never realized how effective push alerts could be – until we were able to fill ALL the spots to our PAID boot camp with just a quick message. It’s such a powerful motivator for members and has proven to drive revenue to our targeted areas.”

Frank Nash

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