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Business owners must go where their customers are going, and health clubs are no exception. The demographic of your health and fitness club is getting more mobile and tech savvy.

A custom-branded mobile app by Netpulse will help you engage, sell and delight customers in ways never before possible. Your app will be in the App store next to all of the other apps, and members can find it by searching for you.
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Why Go Mobile?
Better Member Experience

Every aspect of your club is managed from the palm of member's hands, from a device that is always in their pocket. It makes their life so much easier.

More Data

You can see everything going on in your club, from daily attendance to group-fitness class purchases and more.

Stronger Relationships

A custom-branded mobile app by Netpulse allows you to strengthen relationships with members.

The app works on both Android and iPhone, so none of your members will be left out. The custom-branded app is their control center for all-things club-related.

They can sign up for classes, they can leave you important feedback and purchase deals and promotions at the tap of a finger.

An Industry Perspective

“The old way of 'stock a club with equipment, keep it clean, and retain memberships' is dead. Clubs who will succeed today MUST integrate new technology, like Netpulse's mobile app, to create a complete club experience.”

Michael Scott Sudder, Fitness Business Council

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