Connected Apps & Devices

Members Are Connected. But What About Your Club?

Members aren't just going to the gym to get fit— they're downloading apps, they're tracking everything with internet-connected gear, and it's all in the cloud. Download Feature Overview PDF >

Going Where The Members Are

Members aren’t just going on a run. They are counting strides, calories and pace with MapMyRun or Runkeeper. Your Club App can sync data from these apps directly into the Goals and Workouts tool.


Everything from the new Apple Watch to the popular Jawbone UP and Fitbit armbands, members are using new gear to track miles, calories and more.

Mobile Apps

Members are tracking runs with GPS using Runkeeper and MapMyFitness, tracking steps with the built in pedometer, and logging everything they eat with calorie counters like MyFitnessPal.

Social Media

In today's world, if it wasn't shared, it didn't happen. Members are using Twitter and Facebook to talk about fitness in new ways.

Your club app connects to all of the above apps, and more.

See The Results

Bodyplex Fitness

  • Attendence Up
  • Cancellations Down

“Through fitness challenges and group competitions we’ve really found a great way to motivate our members and keep them engaged. The friendly rivalries to burn more calories or log more miles has in turn driven our numbers at Bodyplex.”

Linda Shields

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Learn more with our Official Guide to Club Mobile Apps

This guide will walk you through the most popular apps that members are using to track workouts, set goals and analyze progress over time.

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