Club Notifications

Earn More Revenue By Communicating Smarter

How are you letting members know about deals and promotions that your club is running? Chances are, it involves some combination of printed flyers, email blasts and word-of-mouth.

Club Notifications from your mobile app get the message out about a deal or promotion to the right members, at the right time, in their pocket. Download Feature Overview PDF >

How To Sell With Notifications
Pick An Audience

Netpulse Club Notifications allow you to choose which members at your club receive a specific notification. You can select members at specific locations if you have more than one

In-App Buying

Spending money at your club has never been easier for members. With a tap of a finger, they can buy merchandise, personal training sessions, group-fitness passes and more.

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20 new PT packages
from just 1 Push Alert!

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This guide will walk you through the most popular apps that members are using to track workouts, set goals and analyze progress over time.

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