Mobile Marketing
for Health Clubs


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is leveraging smartphones and mobile apps to acquire members digitally. It involves using a prospect’s smartphone and club mobile app to interact in a more efficient, flexible way. To lay out a simple model for mobile marketing, we have 5 goals:

  • ATTRACT new prospects
  • CONVERT prospects to members
  • ENGAGE members
  • SELL members more services
  • CONNECT members' technology together

The Marketing Funnel

These goals translate into our marketing funnel. This funnel is a simple visualization of the journey a prospect takes from learning about your club to converting into an engaged member that wants to purchase additional services and refer their friends.

Use Your Club Mobile App to Acquire New Members

With our Mobile Acquisition Add-On, it is now even easier to leverage your members’ smartphones to acquire members.

4 New Features
  • Advanced Referrals

    Attract prospects to your club

  • Guest Pass

    Convert prospects to members

  • Advanced Rewards

    Engage and motivate members

  • Geotargeting

    Sell more, at the right time

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Having a branded mobile app by Netpulse for your club is no longer optional… it's a must-have for any club that wants to compete in 2016.

Bryan O'Rourke, President of FIT-C