Effortless Club Check-In

The Little Details Make All The Difference

It’s not fancy but it makes a huge difference in the member experience: the simple ability to check-in to the club with just their phone.

Before Netpulse, members were taking out an ID card fashioned to their keychain. It’s now even easier than that. Members can just scan their phone in at the front desk, and they are off to the locker room. No hassle, no unpacking wallets or fiddling around at the bottom of bags and purses

The workout of the future is connected, it’s quick and it’s convenient. Netpulse helps your club step into the future in a way that members and club staff will appreciate.
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Gold's Gym Dutchess County

  • Retention Up
  • Attendence Up

"I can’t remember what we did before Netpulse… because now it’s all taken care of for us – and for our members. This platform truly unites the workout process, from check in – to workout summaries – to managing personal training and class schedules – our app frees up the staff to have more direct interaction with members.”

Kim Kenyon

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