Class Schedules

Making Group Fitness A Little Better For Everyone

Everybody wins with mobile class schedules and registrations. Everyone: instructors, members, and you, club owners! Members can shop for classes and sign up for the ones that interest them, right from their phone.
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Why Everyone Loves Mobile Schedules

With Netpulse, your members can effortlessly sign up for the classes that interest them without having to call in or email. Cancellations? No problem.


Instructors can see how many people are registered for their class easily, and there is never any confusion about who’s registered and who’s not.

Club Owners & Staff

Entering the class schedules into your club’s custom-branded mobile app is as simple as putting an event in your member management system or Google Calendar.

If the class has a cost, no problem. Your custom-branded app by Netpulse has the member’s payment details securely saved and can charge the account. All the member has to do is tap “register,” and then confirm. It’s that easy!

There’s no need to call in if anything changes, either. Cancellation? No problem. It’s all done through the app, without the member having to call or email, saving your staff precious time.

See The Results

Gold's Gym Dutchess County

  • Retention Up
  • Attendence Up

"I can’t remember what we did before Netpulse… because now it’s all taken care of for us – and for our members. This platform truly unites the workout process, from check in – to workout summaries – to managing personal training and class schedules – our app frees up the staff to have more direct interaction with members.”

Kim Kenyon

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