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All the mobile features your members love, now accessible on Apple Watch.

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Why Apple Watch?

Because research shows it makes people active. We’ve paired our most popular features with the powerful native features of Apple Watch—like reminders, tracking and personalized guidance—to deliver a first-in-class experience to your members.

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Features members love, now on Apple Watch.






Check In

Seamless check-in

Members can easily add their barcode to their Apple Wallet. This allows them to enter your facility by simply tapping their Apple Watch to the scanner, which will automatically recognize the barcode and check them in.

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Effectively plan and track workouts.

Live workout tracking makes collecting stats more accurate and easier than ever before.

On-the-go instructional videos guide members through workouts without getting in their way.

Training templates made by trainers or other staff help members diversify their workouts for optimal results.


One-click class management.

Publish class schedules so members always know what’s available to them.

One-click booking ensures members get a spot the moment they decide they want it.

Send timely reminders like when a class is about to start or a new spot just opened up, so class engagement increases.


Engage members with Apple Watch Challenges.

Run challenges based on built-in Apple Watch workout tracking. This makes it easier and more encouraging to participate in challenges and earn membership rewards for staying active, inside or outside the facility.

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Collect timely and relevant feedback.

Members will be prompted to provide feedback through their Apple Watches once they’ve left your facility. If they leave a positive review, they’ll be asked to share it to their social media in just one click.

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Exclusive promotional programs for Apple Watch.

Earn With Apple Watch

Offer members reward points for closing their Activity Rings and checking into the facility using their Apple Watch. Bonus points for closing all three Rings!

Get Apple Watch, Get Rewarded

Research shows that Apple Watch helps people stay active. Encourage members to get one by offering reward points if they purchase through your app. Your club will receive a percentage of sales, as well as increase retention of members.

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“The wearable app technology that Netpulse built allows the Apple Watch to serve as a centerpiece at 49ersFit. It encourages participation, engagement and the motivation to stay more active, more often at home, on the road and in the gym.”

Mark Mastrov

Chairman, 49ersFit

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