Fitness is
going mobile.

Thousands of health clubs have launched custom-branded mobile apps by Netpulse, and the results are in: engaged members and increased club revenue.

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Netpulse Customers

Leverage Mobile
To Sell More.

Club Notifications let members know about deals and promotions at the club, and let them buy right from their phone. Clubs with a custom-branded mobile app by Netpulse see higher revenue per member.

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Having a branded mobile app by Netpulse for your club is no longer optional… it's a must-have for any club that wants to compete in 2016.

Bryan O'Rourke, President of FIT-C

Engaged Members
Don't Leave.

Savvy club owners go where the members are, and members are mobile. Getting fit is no longer about going to the gym… members are social; they are tracking everything with internet-connected gear.

The rules of business have changed.

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Work Smarter,
Not Harder.

A custom-branded app by Netpulse works in perfect harmony with everything from your member’s wearables to your back-office CRM and accounting software.

Member Tech

Club Tech

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